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AVOID Hunger Edible Plant List
AVOID Hunger Edible Plant List
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What if there were massive crop failures throughout the world from such things as: Hail - Plant disease - Drought - Earthquakes - Hurricanes or Other disastrous weather conditions - A major disruption of our food delivery system, or any one of a number of scenarios that could drastically reduce the available amount of food needed by the people of the world. By following our recommendations, you should always have available in most situations a ready supply of food you can use when regular supplies of food are unavailable or severely restricted. Do you think your access to food would not be interrupted? Go to our free newsletter(s) to find out how easily that could happen. How can you ensure that you will always have food to eat? Simply by planting and cultivating edible plants. This may seem too simple, but doing so may save your life and that of your family should there be a catastrophic interruption in our normal food supply.We have done considerable research to compile this exclusive list on what plants are available. All you have to do is subscribe to this website and have the information you need to successfully grow in most areas an ample supply of what you could need if disasters occur. We have devoted a considerable number of hours in bringing all this wealth of information to you from many sources so that you do not have to spend your valuable time repeating what we have done. It is also presented in the kind of format you can readily use including the following information: • The plant’s common name.• The plant’s scientific name, which is more helpful in searching many databases. • The locality where the plant may be found or grown. • How valuable it is as a potential food source. We could wait until our website is fully developed and supplied with all necessary information on all available edible plants. But we want to make information available to people as quickly as possible and so invite you ’t know what the future may bring, but time may be important. As an introductory offer, the beginning subscription price is $4.50 per month, or $25.00 per year. We hope you will take advantage of this offer and will tell your friends about us.